Los Angeles Business Lawyers

Business and Corporate Litigation

Our business law practice represents a wide range of clients embroiled in business disputes, including lawsuits with a business partner, a supplier or manufacturer, another corporation, and with current or former employees. We litigate cases alleging intentional interference with economic advantage, damage to goods or products, wrongful misappropriation of trade secrets, illegal boycott, employment disputes, and other disputes which arise between corporate parties and business owners and employees.

Contract and Lease Litigation

Contracts can be very complicated, and sometimes one paragraph of a 100-page lease can mean the difference between thousands of dollars a month to each of the parties. Often, the parties cannot agree on what a contract means, or what it requires a party to do, and the judge or jury must decide instead. We represent clients in all aspects of contract litigation, including lawsuits when one party fails to make payment or perform under a contract, cases for breach of a lease’s explicit or implied covenants, breach of guaranty, and cases seeking reformation or rescission of a purchase contract or lease.