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Are you a renter in Los Angeles facing a difficult living situation?

If you are renting in Los Angeles, there is a strong possibility that you have faced some unpleasant experiences. Renters in Los Angeles have experienced anything from bed bug infestations to wrongful eviction. If you are not satisfied with your rental experience, the Brinton Firm might be able to help.

If you’ve noticed more than just the occasional rodent or bug, your property might be considered uninhabitable. You walk into your kitchen each day and see roaches crawling on the counters. After a few weeks, you find that there is extensive damage from roaches living under the sink. You go into your living room to call your landlord and smell something terrible. It smells like disgusting sewage, but you’re unsure of its whereabouts. Does this scenario sound at all familiar? If so, you might be entitled to compensation. Call the Brinton Firm at  1-323-347-3168 to find out what you might be entitled to legally.

Rodents and bugs are not the only potential issues when renting. Have you ever tripped on that one board, step, etc. that is just not installed right? Maybe you were bringing in your groceries on a rainy spring day and fell on the wet stairs leading up to your apartment because the handrail had been broken for months. What about the lighting in your stairwell? Have you ever fallen down the stairs due to inadequate lighting? Have you have been injured on the property, because your landlord has not maintained your rental unit? It’s time to seek legal advice. You might be entitled to compensation regarding any injuries that occurred on the property.

You depend on your rental property to provide you a safe space in which to live. While landlords in Los Angeles don’t always provide a satisfactory space, what’s even worse is being faced with eviction. While a landlord does have the right to evict you for not paying your rent, there is a certain procedure that he or she must follow. Failure to follow the legal procedures can be wrongful eviction. Imagine that you missed one month of rent. Maybe it was even an accident. The next day when you wake up to get ready for work, all of your utilities are shut off. Your landlord lets you know that you have just hours to vacate the premises. You’re frustrated with the situation, so you take a short walk to clear your mind. When you come back, you find that most of your personal belongings have been thrown on the curb. Behavior like this from a Landlord is illegal and unacceptable. You have rights to stop such behavior. At the Brinton Firm, we can inform you of your rights and help you to seek appropriate relief.

When you first visited your rental property, it’s possible that there were hidden dangers and illegalities. A rental building should comply with all state and local building codes. This means that it is safe to live in. An illegal rental does not comply with building codes. Does your rental property lack its own gas or electric meter? Do you not have your own address or mailbox? Do you have unusually low ceilings? What about ungrounded outlets or rooms that lack windows? All of these things are signs that your rental property could be an illegal rental. In this situation, it’s best to seek legal advice right away to ensure that you are not evicted by the state or local government, and that you have a safe place to live.

If you are a Los Angeles renter and you are experiencing any of the above problems, Call the Brinton Firm at 1-323-347-3168  We are here to help you with whatever issues you are facing with your rental property. The process is sure to be smooth from the first phone call to potentially getting a settlement. We can tell you exactly what actions should be taken and inform you of your rights. No one deserves to live in an uninhabitable or illegal rental unit. call us today to find out how we can help!

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