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Liability for injuries and injury cases from accidents that occur on the landlord’s property is a significant portion of our Los Angeles legal practice. Our tenant attorneys have experience in this field to help you navigate your case.

Our Los Angeles clients have suffered everything from traumatic brain injuries to infected wounds to broken toes, and anything in between. In every case, the tenant was injured by the landlord’s failure to maintain the property. We also handle cases related to contamination and health hazards that may cause illness or injuries.

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    What Does A Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney Do?

    If you have been the victim of a personal injury in Los Angeles, California, our attorneys can help you:

    • Understand the details of your case
    • Determine the appropriate amount of damages to claim
    • Collect and present evidence in court
    • Communicate with the defendant and their attorneys

    These types of cases are often very complex. Don’t try to navigate one without one of our excellent Los Angeles personal injury attorneys on your team. Our firm has helped injury victims recover millions in damages – let us help you too!

    Top rated CA legal practice for Los Angeles civil rights of tenants and businesses

    Why Choose the Brinton Firm for Your Personal Injury Case

    The personal injury lawyers at our law group are ready to tackle all types of cases. We will fight for you as the victim, and we believe that every plaintiff in an injury case deserves excellent representation and an award that helps them become whole after suffering a serious injury.

    We never represent landlords, and we put our skills to use winning verdicts that ensure property owners are held responsible for negligence and the accidents it causes. At The Brinton Firm, we only get paid if you win – so we’re on your team at every step of the way.

    Have you been the victim of a fall or other injury on someone else’s property? Are you a tenant dealing with a landlord whose negligence has led to accidents? Speak with a personal injury lawyer at The Brinton Firm on the phone today to get started with your case.

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    Personal Injury Cases After Accidents

    Accidents are a primary cause of personal injuries, from a serious fall leading to a spinal cord injuries to infected wounds and broken bones.

    When it comes to accidents like this, it can be difficult to determine who was at fault, whether you have a case, and what kind of claim will succeed in court. A personal injury lawyer can help you figure out what legal steps to take after an accident resulting in injury.

    Top rated CA legal practice for Los Angeles civil rights of tenants and businesses

    Personal Injury Cases Due To Negligence

    If your accident was caused by a landlord’s failure to maintain the property, you may have a case of negligence. Serious injuries can occur if a landlord does not properly care for their land or buildings, such as:

    • Burns from malfunctioning appliances
    • Infections and illnesses resulting from vermin, garbage, or other health hazards
    • Slip and falls due to debris, construction materials, or improperly maintained buildings
    • Cuts due to exposed metal, broken glass, or other sharp objects

    In this type of case, it’s important to collect evidence of negligence and determine who is at fault for the condition of the property. If you’ve suffered a fall, burn, infection, or other injury as a result of a neglected property, speak to a Los Angeles personal injury attorney today.

    Personal Injury Cases Due To Toxic Conditions

    We also represent tenants in cases seeking to abate nuisances or contaminated properties that make people sick. This type of case is often called a “toxic tort” and can include:

    • Oil leaks
    • Lead paint
    • Chemical spills
    • Asbestos
    • Mold contamination

    The main goal of these cases is to hold property owners liable for the condition of the property. This ensures that the problem is solved and may result in a monetary award for the plaintiff.



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