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We are tenant attorneys representing tenants across Southern California in any type of litigation involving tenant’s rights and landlord-tenant issues. We handle claims for business and residential tenants.
We don’t represent landlords, and we never charge tenants upfront for our services.

Tenant Law Firm Services

The lawyers at The Brinton Firm PC are experienced in a wide range of legal practice areas relating to the landlord-tenant relationship in Southern California. We are a legal practice that represents clients from all walks of life, because everyone has the same civil protections and rights under the law. We have represented residential and business clients in a large variety of lawsuits against their landlords.

Whether you are involved in a dispute about repairs or rental costs, live in an illegal unit, have been harmed on your landlord’s property, or are suffering from an infestation of vermin in your building, we can help!

It’s important to protect your rights as a tenant. Don’t accept mistreatment by a landlord. Instead, reach out to an attorney that can take legal action against your landlord to safeguard your rights under California law. Contact us for more information about our firm and your legal rights.


The Cockroaches Have Moved in! What Are the Dangers? What Are My Rights?

Carbon Monoxide

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning: The Dangers of the Silent Killer

Lead Poisoning

Children Ages 20 and Under May Be Eligible for Financial Compensation Due to Lead Exposure. Exposure to high levels of lead has caused serious injuries to children.

Asbestos Exposure

Living with asbestos may seem like an issue from a bygone era. The truth of the matter is that asbestos hazards may be a part of your daily living conditions.

House Fires

Could My Neighbor Or Landlord Be Responsible For Damages From An Apartment Fire?

Personal Injury

Liability for injuries and injury cases from accidents that occur on the landlord’s property is a significant portion of our Los Angeles legal practice.

Slip & Falls

Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyers Advocating For The Rights Of Slip & Fall Victims

Bed Bugs

Do You Have Bed Bugs in Your Rental Unit?

Lease & Contract Disputes

Are you dealing with a lease or contract issue with your landlord?

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Los Angeles Tenant Law Services

Our attorneys have extensive experience in both prosecuting and defending cases on behalf of Southern California’s tenants.

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