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The Brinton Firm LLP is experienced in a wide range of legal practice areas relating to the landlord-tenant relationship in Southern California. We have represented residential and business clients in a large variety of lawsuits against their landlords, protecting their rights under US statutes.

Whether you are involved in a dispute about a lease or eviction, whether you live in an illegal unit, have been harmed on your landlord’s property, or are suffering from an infestation of vermin in your building, we can help! We are a legal practice that represents clients from all walks of life that have the same standards and civil protections and rights.

If you are looking to battle your landlord against eviction or poor building practices, contact us as the firm for you or your business. You have rights as a tenant, and that often means contacting and hiring a practice that can represent your interests and rights. Don’t accept eviction as a last resort, and, instead, choose a firm that can take legal action against your landlord to safeguard your civil rights.

You need a legal practice that can deal with residential and business property law to ensure your civil rights are guaranteed under your agreement with a landlord. Get help from us to ensure that you don’t suffer an eviction or a landlord that won’t work with you to create a safe space to live and work.

Our practice serves only residential and business tenant clients to take the legal actions and practices necessary to get justice for you. Contact us for more information about our firm and your rights under US law.

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Southern California has hundreds of thousands of residential and commercial buildings, almost all of which involve a landlord-tenant relationship. We have deep expertise in all aspects of landlord-tenant law, including cases where one party breaches their lease, disputes about CAM charges and payments, disagreements about whether the landlord or tenant is responsible for something, violations of local rent control laws like LARSON and the Beverly Hills and Santa Monica rent control ordinances, and claims of illegal or substandard construction, to list only a few.


Every residential lease contains an implied warranty of habitability: that is, a requirement that the landlord maintain a minimum level of repair and pest control at the property. Habitability lawsuits are on the rise in Southern California, brought on by a growing awareness of tenants’ rights and duties. We have extensive experience prosecuting small and large-scale habitability lawsuits. If your home is infested with roaches, bedbugs, or rodents, or lacks functional heating, plumbing, or utility service, we can help you vindicate your rights in court. We have also brought lawsuits on behalf of tenants whose rental units were contaminated with asbestos, mold, or lead paint.
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Liability for injuries that occur on your landlord’s property is a significant portion of our practice. We represent tenants in lawsuits alleging personal injuries caused by dangerous or defective conditions in buildings or on land, actions seeking to abate nuisances that make people sick, cases involving assault and battery, “toxic torts” such as land contamination by oil leaks or chemical spills, and lawsuits seeking to hold the property owner liable for the condition of the property.


Many times, the ownership, control, or occupancy of real property leads to wrongful acts. We litigate fraud actions, such as fraudulent concealment, fraudulent misrepresentations, and fraudulently recorded deeds of trust or liens, as well as cases of actual fraud, conversion, or embezzlement of client or member funds. We also have extensive experience in lawsuits claiming breach of fiduciary duty, malicious conduct, and intentional damage to land or buildings.
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Contracts can be very complicated, and sometimes one paragraph of a 100-page lease can mean the difference between thousands of dollars a month to each of the parties. Often, the parties cannot agree on what a contract means, or what it requires a party to do, and the judge or jury must decide instead. We represent clients in all aspects of contract litigation, including lawsuits when one party fails to make a payment or perform under a contract, cases for breach of a lease’s explicit or implied covenants, breach of guaranty, and cases seeking reformation or rescission of a purchase contract or lease.


Our business law practice represents a wide range of clients embroiled in business disputes, including lawsuits with a business partner, a supplier or manufacturer, another corporation, and with current or former employees. We litigate cases alleging intentional interference with economic advantage, damage to goods or products, wrongful misappropriation of trade secrets, illegal boycott, employment disputes, and other disputes which arise between corporate parties and business owners and employees.
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