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Fighting for Tenants Against Landlord Negligence

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Injured in Your Rental Property? Understand Who’s Responsible

Injuries in rental properties can leave you in a difficult situation, especially when trying to determine liability. As a tenant, you’re generally responsible for the interior of your unit, while the landlord or property owner takes responsibility for common areas like hallways, stairs, and grounds. However, lease agreements might detail other divisions of responsibility. If an unsafe condition on the property led to your injury, The Brinton Firm is here to help determine liability, using leases, property records, and the law to hold negligent landlords accountable.


    Our Process: From First Contact to Resolution

    The firm’s approach to resolving tenant disputes involves several key steps:

    Initial Consultation: They start with a free consultation to understand the specifics of your case and to identify landlord negligence.
    Evidence Collection: The next step involves gathering all necessary evidence, such as incident reports, medical records, and any other documentation that supports the tenant’s claims.

    Negotiation: With all evidence in hand, the firm seeks to negotiate with landlords or their representatives to reach a fair settlement that covers the tenant’s damages.

    Litigation: If a satisfactory settlement cannot be reached through negotiation, the firm is prepared to take the case to court, where they will represent the tenant’s interests and fight for their rights.

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    Achieving Resolution: The ultimate goal is to achieve a resolution that is both timely and favorable to the tenant, ensuring they receive the justice and compensation they are entitled to.

    The Brinton Firm is committed to the principle of no upfront fees for tenants, emphasizing their dedication to access to justice for all. They provide multilingual support to overcome language barriers and ensure that all tenants can effectively pursue their rights. Their team of experienced tenant lawyers is well-versed in California tenant law and is prepared to take on challenging cases to protect tenants from landlord negligence and abuse.

    For tenants facing disputes with their landlords, The Brinton Firm offers a beacon of hope and a path towards justice, backed by a strong commitment to their clients’ rights and well-being.

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    Types of Personal Injury Cases We Excel In

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    • Maintenance Failures: Injuries from faulty wiring or broken
    • Hazardous Conditions: Mold, lead paint, and other toxic exposures.
    • Security Issues: Assaults or theft due to inadequate security.
    • Common Area Accidents: Slips, trips, and falls in poorly maintained areas.

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    Why Choose The Brinton Firm?

    • Tenant-Focused: Exclusively representing tenants, never landlords.
    • Proven Success: Millions recovered for our clients, showcasing our high success rate.
    • No Upfront Costs: You only pay if we win your case.
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    Client Testimonials

    Understanding Personal Injury in Rentals

    Accidents due to a landlord’s negligence or exposure to toxic conditions require expert legal assistance. Whether it’s burns from malfunctioning appliances or injuries from slip and falls, we ensure you’re fairly compensated.

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    Personal Injury Cases At The Brinton Firm

    The personal injury lawyers at our law group are ready to tackle all types of cases. We will fight for you as the victim, and we believe that every plaintiff in an injury case deserves excellent representation and an award that helps them become whole after suffering a serious injury.

    We never represent landlords, and we put our skills to use winning verdicts that ensure property owners are held responsible for negligence and the accidents it causes. At The Brinton Firm, we only get paid if you win – so we’re on your team at every step of the way.

    Have you been the victim of a fall or other injury on someone else’s property? Are you a tenant dealing with a landlord whose negligence has led to accidents? Speak with a personal injury lawyer at The Brinton Firm on the phone today to get started with your case.

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    The Brinton Firm Wins Trial on Behalf of Disabled Tenant in Los Angeles County Superior Court



    Settlement in a case alleging fraud by a property manager

    Settlement for tenants living with roaches and sewer leaks
    Settlement for a tenant injured by asbestos in her apartment
    For tenants displaced by a fire
    For a tenant harmed in a ceiling collapse
    For a family forced to live with rats and roaches
    For tenants displaced by asbestos
    For a tenants with a roach infestation



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