Illegal Eviction Protection

Illegal Eviction Protection

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Landlords must abide by renter’s rights for businesses and homes. That means upholding healthy living conditions for clients, and when they fail to maintain conditions in line with clients’ civil rights, our firm and legal practice steps in. Your landlord is not the authority on your rights as a tenant, and you can contact us to reassert justice for yourself.

The US court system for landlord-client relationships is complex, but our firm only represents tenants and can help guide you through the residential or business rental legal process. Our firm never represents landlords and is committed to fair practices for personal and business clients. You can contact us to get started with navigating the US legal system to safeguard your civil rights as a renter or tenant.

The Brinton Firm LLP chooses clients from all sectors of society to help establish and maintain rights even under the harshest landlord-tenant agreements. Our clients praise us for protecting their civil rights and getting justice from landlords who often threaten eviction. Rather than side with them, we help clients like you get legal results and remedies, including settlements.

You have rights to livable and safe conditions without the threat of eviction if you have a dispute with a landlord. You must know your rights and get informed by a legal practice and firm like The Brinton Firm LLP.

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Bed Bugs & Roaches

Rats & Mice

Mold & Asbestos

Illegal Rental


Personal Injury


  • Structurally unsound exterior surface including leaking/damaged roofs, faulty stairs and railings, crumbling walls and deteriorating flooring
  • Lack of potable water including adequate water supply and waste management connections
  • Hazardous electrical connections and unsafe gas and other heat source storage
  • Unregulated water temperatures, dangerous liquids, and combustible gases
  • Accumulation of animal or human waste product with no adequate source of removal
  • Infestation of pests like cockroaches, rats, and other unwanted inhabitants
  • Presence of black or toxic mold



The tenant attorneys at The Brinton Firm have extensive experience handling multimillion-dollar verdicts to get our clients the compensation they deserve regardless of income, ability to pay or financial circumstances. We are committed to ethical practices using our extensive resources and a team of experts to guide you through the complexities of slumlord litigation. Some renters suffer unnecessary illness, injuries and even death from poorly managed housing.

As one of the premier tenant attorney firms in Southern California, we have the experience and reputation for litigating complicated cases to get you the results you want and deserve.


The lawyers at The Brinton Firm focus on protecting the rights of renters who have suffered significant loss or injury from exposure to mold, have been illegally evicted or locked out, or have been forced to live with dangerous conditions on the rental property, such as poisoning by lead paint and structural defects.


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