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The Brinton Firm LLP specializes in protecting your rights and handling cases that involve a tenant-landlord relationship under California State law, including cases concerning legal breach of the US warranty of habitability. We believe your rights include protection through the rental law as tenants and a safe and secure place to live in or conduct business. Our firm and practice has recovered millions of dollars  from landlords through lawyers and legal settlements for tenants and clients living in slum conditions due to a negligent landlord with poor practices.

In the US, habitability laws are simply legal and civil protections that require landlords to maintain a minimum level of comfort at a home or business. A landlord should provide basic maintenance, such as repair and pest control, at any properties that they own, allowing tenants to live comfortably. These are legal requirements that a firm can hold landlords to through proceedings and actions.

Cases regarding habitability legal protections have been increasing in recent years, primarily due to the fact that more clients are researching and becoming aware of their own civil and legal rights as tenants. Clients of our firm (whether personal or business) get legal recourse from landlords and practices that threaten their safety and civil rights. Don’t let landlords take advantage of you through eviction!

If you are concerned about your rights as a renter or business, contact us to advocate for you with the landlord or in court. Our legal team is experienced in US habitability rights and can help protect you from malicious landlords. Contact us today to discuss your concerns and case.


  • Homes that are infested with roaches, bedbugs, and rodents, due to the landlord’s failure to conduct pest control or fumigate are not habitable or legal under US law, and our legal firm and practice can protect your rights against these landlords if you become a client for personal or business rental.
  • Homes that lack functional plumbing, heating, electrical, or other utility service have no habitability and are also not legal under US law and the rights imparted to you through your civil rights.
  • Homes that have not been repaired to adequate living conditions, causing a risk to the tenants are a violation of habitability law in the US. You do not have to suffer eviction as retaliation for seeking repair in the US, and you can contact us to protect your civil rights against these malicious landlords. 
  • Lead-based paint related illnesses or injuries that occur in a once habitable rental home or commercial rental property are not usually legal and can be cause to protect your rights from landlords as clients or a business. You might have cause for legal remedy under US law if you contact a legal firm to protect your rights. 
  • Asbestos contamination of rental units and homes due to unsafe maintenance or construction practices are also not legal under US law. A firm or practice for clients and businesses can help protect and safeguard your rights if your contact us, the Brinton Firm LLP. Again, don’t suffer eviction by a landlord because they retaliate against your concern and pursuing legal remedies. 
  • Severe mold contamination is in violation of US habitability legal protections of your civil rights. Contact a legal firm or practice to learn how you can protect your civil rights as a new client or business seeking fair legal remedy rather than malicious eviction if you have concerns your rights have been violated by a landlord.

Habitability Law

What makes a home habitable?

A habitable home should also be structurally sound, with complete and solid walls, floor and roof. All electrical systems should be up to current code and safe for people to utilize without risk of electrical fire or blowing a fuse and disabling the system. All of the windows and doors should not only work, but should have adequate working locks to keep the tenants safe from intruders. Any lead-based paint hazards must be declared to all tenants, and should be quickly treated and removed. Any type of injury or medical issue that occurs as a result of the home not being fully habitable will be the responsibility of the landlord. This is where our legal expertise comes in. We’re able to review your situation and see if you have a case against the landlord, then determine who is at fault and responsible for any damages or injuries.

Habitability Law Experts

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