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Los Angeles Tenant Attorney


Our attorneys have extensive experience in both prosecuting and defending cases on behalf of Southern California’s tenants.
Here are a few of our recent results:

Los Angeles firm in CA and civil legal practice for US tenant and business rights


Settlement for a housing co-op defrauded by its property manager


For tenants living with bedbugs and roaches


Settlement for tenants living in a slum building


Settlement for a tenant evacuated due to asbestos contamination


For tenants in slum downtown housing


For tenants displaced by a fire


For a tenant harmed by a ceiling collapse


For tenants living in extremely uninhabitable conditions


For a tenant victimized by a fraudulent Ellis Act eviction


For tenants living with mold


For a tenant injured on the landlord’s property


For tenants living in illegal rental units


For a tenant with severe injuries from bedbugs


For a tenant who lived without running water for several months


For a family forcibly evicted by their landlord


For a tenant injured on the landlord’s property


For tenants displaced by a fire


For tenants living with roaches


For tenants displaced by asbestos


For tenants living with roaches


For tenants living in an illegal boarding house


Judgment for tenants in a bedbug-infested building


Judgment against a person who committed fraud


Judgment for a tenant living with bedbugs


Judgment for a tenant whose landlord breached her commercial lease


Judgment for tenants whose landlord started major repairs and then abandoned the building


Judgment for tenants who landlord shut off their power and threatened them with a machete


Judgment for a tenant wrongfully evicted by her landlord


Judgment for a tenant whose landlords shut off her utilities

Eric H.

Creative Heads Inc.

Matt is like a legal-Sith master for good. Incisive. Decisive. Insightful. Authoritative. Trustworthy. Steady. A mediation-maverick, with a briefcase in place of a light saber (and he sports dapper suits)


Matt and his colleague Nick have been absolutely exemplary to work with. They are both very knowledgeable, direct yet easy to work with, patient and most importantly, got the result we were all hoping for


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