Orange County Tenant Lawyer

Fighting on Behalf of Orange County, California Tenants and their Families

The Brinton Firm Handles Claims Involving

Uninhabitable living conditions

Damage from water or fire

Pest infestations, such as roaches, bedbugs, or rodents.

Personal injuries on the property, including any injury caused by the landlord’s failure to maintain the premises.

Toxic contamination from mold, asbestos, or lead paint

Illegal or dangerous rental units

Practice Areas

Los Angeles Tenant Habitability Attorneys

The Brinton Firm specializes in handling cases that involve a tenant-landlord relationship, including cases concerning breach of the warranty of habitability. Our lawyers have recovered more than ten million dollars in settlements for tenants living in slum conditions

Los Angeles Premises Liability & Personal Injury Attorneys

Liability for injuries that occur on the landlord’s property is a significant portion of our practice. We represent tenants and visitors in lawsuits alleging personal injuries caused by a property owner’s negligence.

Los Angeles Landlord- Tenant Lawyers

Since the Southern California area has a vast amount of rental properties, both commercial and residential, our law firm is very knowledgeable in all types of cases involving a tenant-landlord relationship.

Abogados De Los Ángeles Inquilinos Habitability Attorneys

El sur de California tiene miles de edificios residenciales y comerciales, el cual siempre implica la relación entre el propietario y el inquilino. Tenemos una larga experiencia en todos los aspectos de la ley del arrendador y el arrendatario, incluyendo casos donde

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The lawyers at The Brinton Firm focus on protecting the rights of renters who have suffered significant loss or injury from exposure to mold, have been illegally evicted or locked out, or have been forced to live with dangerous conditions on the rental property, such as poisoning by lead paint and structural defects.
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Our Results


Settlement in a case alleging fraud by a property manager


Settlement for tenants living with roaches and sewer leaks


Settlement for a tenant injured by asbestos in her apartment


For tenants displaced by a fire


For a tenant harmed in a ceiling collapse


For a family forced to live with rats and roaches


For tenants displaced by asbestos


For a tenants with a roach infestation

Bed Bugs & Roaches

Rats & Mice

Mold & Asbestos

Illegal Rental


Personal Injury

Tell Us About Your Problems

    Landlord Tenant Disputes

    Property Trots

    Lease and Contract Disputes

    Personal Injuries and Premises Liability

    Habitability Cases

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are habitability standards?

    Habitability standards dictate that you should live in a safe home, and that you shouldn’t suffer from infestations, nonfunctioning utility services, and other conditions that materially impact the tenancy.

    What rights do tenants have over landlords?
    The right to live in a safe and healthy home, with working utility service and free from infestations of vermin or other conditions which materially impact the tenancy.
    Can I sue my landlord for negligence?
    Yes, if your landlord breaches the duty to provide a safe home, allows conditions which create a material risk of fire, fails to repair serious problems, does not conduct adequate pest control, or ignores an order from the city or county to make repairs.
    What’s the fastest way to get my landlord to make repairs?
    Give the landlord notice in writing of all the conditions which need to be repaired. If they do not make repairs within 35 days, notify the Housing Department or Health Department.

    The Brinton Firm in Orange County, CA handles cases for real estate law clients involving landlord-renter relationships.



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