At the Brinton Firm, we believe that all tenants have rights to a safe and livable home. No client or tenant should have to endure substandard conditions or suffer under landlords who refuse to follow the law.
We never represent landlords because we believe in fighting for the rights of renters. We advocate for renters in state and local courts, fighting to ensure that no renter has to endure retaliation or punishment from a landlord.

Slum housing, substandard living conditions, and damaged civil rights impact clients and people from all walks of life. In the past few years, we’ve represented all kinds of clients, renters, and tenants, ranging from people living in “Skid Row” or the projects, to those renting mansions in Beverly Hills or lofts downtown. No matter who you are, no one should be forced to live into housing that isn’t safe and habitable for themselves and their families.

Protect your rights

Unfortunately, bad landlords create dangerous or unhealthy conditions because they think they can get away with it. That all changes when clients engage our firm and practice. We have recovered more than ten million dollars from landlords for our clients, and we have forced hundreds of landlords to clean up their buildings.*

Our approach to landlord-tenant issues focuses on long term solutions. While other law firms may be focused on collecting monthly revenue from clients, or sending out a form demand letter to try for a quick settlement, our goal is to get you the best outcome every time.

Sometimes, that means forcing the landlord to fix existing problems so you can continue to live in the house or apartment you choose. Other times, it means helping you get out of a long-term lease, recover your losses, be compensated for injuries, and move on to a safer, healthier environment. We’ve also helped tenants deal with serious injuries suffered on the landlord’s property, violations of rent control laws, and other landlord-tenant disputes.
At the Brinton Firm, landlord-tenant issues are our sole focus. Our attorneys are highly experienced and laser-focused on issues like habitability, personal injuries arising from dangerous conditions, and retaliation from landlords. We know many of the attorneys representing landlords and have a great track record of reaching successful solutions with them, whether that means negotiation and settlement or taking a case to trial.

If you’re living in uninhabitable conditions, if you’ve been harmed on your landlord’s property, or if your landlord has violated your rights, please give us a call today.

*Results are not guaranteed. The success of every case depends on the individual facts and circumstances.



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