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Located in Los Angeles, CA, the Brinton Firm is a tenant-focused law firm which handles cases for renters. We are experts in all types of cases involving landlord-renter relationships, and we only represent tenants – never landlords.We fully understand and respect that each case is unique. As a result of our extensive experience in the landlord-tenant field, we are able to help tenants in a wide variety of cases.

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    Our Landlord-Tenant Practice Areas

    At the Brinton Firm, we are experienced, passionate, and always put our tenant clients first. Our firm helps protect those rights by advocating behalf of anyone dealing with uninhabitable housing, fires or floods, wrongful eviction, and other tenancy issues.

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    The Brinton Firm’s tenant attorneys are very knowledgeable in all types of cases involving the landlord-tenant relationship. They represent in all kinds of disputes and cases, including:


    You can view lawyer profiles and compare our ratings to other firms with similar experience in tenancy law. You can trust us to be on your side as a capable attorney.

    That’s why we established our firm to practice law that protects tenants, whether personal or business, from Los Angeles landlords.

    Top rated CA legal practice for Los Angeles civil rights of tenants and businesses

    Why Do I Need A Tenant Lawyer?

    The Southern California and Los Angeles area has a vast amount of rental properties, both business and residential. When you’re a renter, you may face a number of issues that require the attention or assistance of a tenant lawyer. These can include:

    Regardless of how simple or complex your legal case may be, our tenant lawyers are able to help. At the Brinton Firm, we have experience representing diverse clients seeking civil protection for their legal rights.

    Who The Brinton Firm Serves

    Are you worried that a tenant lawyer may not be able to help you? Don’t worry! The legal team of at the Brinton Firm are fearless experts, ready to stand up for you against even the best landlord attorneys or the most wealthy property owners.

    Maybe you have concerns that you won’t be able to afford a tenant lawyer. At the Brinton Firm, we solve this problem by providing FREE consultations. Get help understanding your case and identifying your next steps, all without paying.

    If you do work with the Brinton Firm on your landlord-tenant case, you won’t pay us anything unless you win. That’s right – no win, no fee! We believe that all Los Angeles renters should have access to a good tenant lawyer.

    Top rated CA legal practice for Los Angeles civil rights of tenants and businesses

    What the Brinton Firm Can Do for You

    If you’re facing a tenancy-related case, you may not know what kind of damages or claims you should even fight for! Fortunately, a tenant lawyer can help you recover damages and hold a landlord accountable. Some of the things our firm can help you with include:

    Get compensation: If you’ve suffered a financial loss as a result of your tenancy issue, a Los Angeles tenant lawyer can help you recover those damages. Whether you need help paying medical bills or replacing damaged property, monetary claims are one of the most common things a tenant lawyer deals with.

    Top rated CA legal practice for Los Angeles civil rights of tenants and businesses

    Protect your rights: Sometimes, a renter facing a difficult situation may not realize that their circumstances are, in fact, illegal. Illegal or unethical behavior from landlords, wrongful eviction and illegal rent increases are all things that a tenant lawyer can stop from happening.

    Enforce habitability requirements: All renters in Los Angeles have the right to a safe, clean, healthy living space. If a landlord or property owner engages in neglect, this can lead to dangerous conditions such as mold, vermin, garbage, or hazards. A tenant lawyer can bring a landlord to court and require them to make necessary repairs.

    What Rights Do We Protect?

    Our legal team and attorneys will ensure that you understand your tenant rights and are being treated fairly and within the legal requirements by your landlord.

    Here are some examples of the types of cases our tenant lawyers handle:

    • Breach of implied warranty of habitability – In the state of California, habitability laws are legal and civil protections that require landlords to maintain a minimum level of maintenance and pest control. A landlord should provide basic maintenance – including necessary repairs and pest control – at any properties that they own to ensure that tenants can live comfortably. If a landlord allows a property to become uninhabitable, the tenant can sue and may be entitled to considerable damages.
    • Fires and floods – The Brinton Firm helps business and residential tenants in the Southern California area who have been impacted by a fire in their rented property. Let us help you recover damages, replace lost property, pay medical bills, and hold landlords accountable. We can expertly navigate the legal system on behalf of fire victims to protect your rights to a safe, healthy, habitable home.
    • Infestations of rats, roaches, or bedbugs – If you’re a tenant in Los Angeles facing a rodent infestation, you have options. A lawyer can help make sure your landlord restores your rental home to a safe, comfortable, pest-free environment, and that you get fair compensation for any damages.
    • Constructive or Wrongful Eviction – Sometimes, the conditions in a rental unit are so bad that you are forced to move out of your home. Other times, a landlord may try to force you out by changing the locks, shutting off the power, failing to fix serious problems, or even tearing the rental unit down or setting it on fire! If you have been forced to leave your home through no fault of your own, you may have suffered a constructive, wrongful, or forcible eviction. We have helped many tenants to recover damages, often significant damages, under these circumstances.
    • Violation of local rent control laws. In SoCal, this includes LARSO, Beverly Hills, and Santa Monica rent control ordinances. With the current housing shortage, many landlords will do whatever it takes to drive rent-controlled tenants from their homes. They do this in order to raise the rents or to put the units on Airbnb. We can put a stop to this practice, or help you sue the landlord for damages.
    • Illegal or substandard construction claims. These may also fall under our habitability cases. The landlord is required to provide housing that is structurally sound and safe, with working utilities.
    • Illegal or Dangerous Units. Throughout LA County, many landlords decide to “create” their own apartment units, live-work spaces, or other residential dwellings by illegally converting warehouses, garages, or office space into housing. Illegal units are usually built without permits or any government inspection whatsoever, so they represent a significant danger to the tenant. Under these circumstances, the landlord generally has no legal right to collect rent. Additionally, the City or County of Los Angeles may red-tag the building, thus forcing all the tenants to move out on five minutes’ notice. If you believe you are living in an illegal unit, call us today. We may be able to help.



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