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The Brinton Firm specializes in real estate and property owner/tenant rights, as well as business law. We are located in Los Angeles, CA and serve the greater Los Angeles area.
Landlords, property owners and business owners have complex and diverse legal needs. From contract disputes to needing appropriate legal representation in court, it's important to have an attorney that knows and understands your legal rights and can provide the best defense in any situation.
The Brinton Firm litigates cases involving:
  • Landlord Tenant disputes
  • Property Torts
  • Lease and contract disputes
  • Personal injuries on property/ premises liability
  • Habitability cases
  • Business law and litigation
If you have been faced with charges related to property management, such as illegal construction, a rental contract dispute or you're experiencing uninhabitable living conditions or have been injured on another person's property due to their negligence, we have the experience to help.
The Brinton Firm specializes in handling cases specific to real estate, property management issues, and business law.
If you need to speak to someone regarding any situation you have encountered as a landlord or property owner or a tenant, call us today at 213-529-0888.
As a tenant, here are some scenarios you may encounter:
Poor Living Conditions/Habitability - Your landlord has a legal requirement to be sure all rental units are properly maintained. If your apartment is infested with vermin such as roaches, rats, mice, or bedbugs, or your electricity, plumbing or other utility services are not functioning properly, contact us today and let us help.
Asbestos and Lead Paint - When asbestos or lead paint are disturbed — for example, by construction workers or maintenance teams–the result can be catastrophic. Asbestos and lead paint debris and dust can contaminate your personal belongings and make you ill, both now and for many years afterwards. A significant remediation process is often necessary, and must begin as soon as possible. If you have learned that your home contains these dangerous substances, contact us right away for a determination of your rights and your options for dealing with the problem.
Injuries on Premises - If you've injured yourself on another person's property due to their negligence in maintaining their property, we can help determine if you have a case against the property owner. We have extensive experience in these types of cases.
Violations of Rent Control law - Many landlord are evicting their rent-controlled tenants so they can charge someone else more rent, or even so they can rent the unit out on Airbnb. This is illegal and can severely harm tenants. If your rights under rent control are being violated, call us today to see if you have a remedy in court.
As a landlord or property owner, here are some scenarios that you may encounter that The Brinton Firm can help you with:
Broken Lease Agreements - Tenant's refusal to pay. The original rental contract must contain specific wording in order for you to collect money owed. Always have a professional review your leases to be sure they will protect your interests in these scenarios.
Habitability Issues/Property Maintenance - It's the landlord's responsibility to make sure residential rental property is safe for tenants. Failure to do this can lead to serious legal consequences.
Legal Defense - In the event of a lawsuit against you, we have the experience and knowledge to best represent you in court.
Whether you are the landlord or the tenant, The Brinton Firm knows and understands the legal complexities of these cases and is ready to help you.
Our Practice Areas
We are experienced in a wide range of practice areas relating to your home or business. We have represented residential and commercial landlords and tenants, individual and corporate real estate owners, and people and business who have suffered losses related to property they own or manage. Whether you are involved in a dispute about a lease, accused of illegal construction, seeking performance of a real estate purchase agreement, facing a lawsuit claiming there are problems on your property, or suffering from an infestation of vermin in your building, we can help!
Our Philosophy
Our mission is to provide the highest quality legal services to help our clients achieve their litigation objectives. To accomplish this aim, we place a strong emphasis on fully understanding our clients' goals from the very outset of representation. We recognize that one-size legal representation does not fit all. Our attorneys work closely with our clients to ensure that our efforts are individually tailored to achieving your best possible result. Our deep commitment to effective, ongoing communication ensures that as your goals change, so does our litigation strategy.
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We have achieved excellent results on a consistent basis for clients facing a wide range of legal issues. The following list is a sampling of successful verdicts, settlements, appeals, judgments, and other favorable outcomes... what can we accomplish for you?